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Science fiction

is fodder for young scientists.

My uncle was a big science fiction book geek when he was a kid and has written space manuals for NASA as well as on the forefront of Nanotech research. Back when he was a teen you could buy all kinds of chemistry stuff and my uncle blew himself up making fireworks in a ceramic bowl grinding with a pestle with a metal bowl below. They make sparks. Fortunately the blindness only lasted two weeks.

Ever notice how you see things like video wristwatches and other stuff in old science fiction shows and now we have stuff like FaceTalk (which I thought was a joke until I realized it was real) or Skype? Not a coincidence. Kids see these things and develop them as adults.

My uncle has a 2000 sf library of both non fiction and fictional science fiction stuff and he's a Trekker as well. I love visiting his house. I never sleep, just read all kinds of cool books and he has every single issue of Playboy since it came out. While I did "read" it for the pictures when I was younger, I came to appreciate all the political pieces, especially what was essentially Hunter Thompson's farewell speech in the 50th anniversary edition. I only wish I hadn't lended it to a friend to read, instead of making a photocopy of the article. It was a really good read. Depressing, but true.

Personally I like tangible things and not theory, but what I've noticed is other kids with an interest in science fiction when I was a kid now work in science or technology sectors. Kids read stuff that will later have a role in their life.

I think science fiction is great. It just wasn't my forte. I like stuff like geology or other somewhat boring stuff. I used to write books about alien abductions as a kid and many are still at the local library where I grew up. But I never got into the whole alien thing for some reason. I just think I wished some alien would come take me for a ride in a spaceship as a kid.

Minus the anal probes. But still hasn't happened.

One can only hope. :)