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In what way?

I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Constructive criticism always welcome. - UPDATE all... So far we have 11 lots potentially spoken for... three separate owners. Plus mine would be 12. I don't need much more than a 1/4 acre... I'm pretty frugal and have decreased my consumption level in life to a near non-existent footprint. I'd be the poster boy for an HONEST Obama climate control policy ;-P

You would not be dealing with me... you would deal direct with the owner. I'm just simply trying to fill up his community for him. FYI - I have spoken to him twice and think he is an honest guy that you will feel comfortable doing business with. If things progress smoothly and I my commitments in my current location are taken care of (I've committed to at least a good 4 months where I'm at now) I will probably break ground on my own earth-ship style home this summer.

If you do decide to purchase... get with me for suggestions on how to protect your land on paper from corporate encroachment.