Comment: I think you are right.

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I think you are right.

I think you are right. We care. We ought to do any little things we possibly can to have people raise eyebrows and start giving themselves thoughts about what may be behind the curtains...

Sometimes it'll work. Other times it won't. By that, I mean, sometimes they'll encourage themselves to dig more... other times not.

Nothing, nobody can hide the truth forever. It's a slow recovery we're all taking care of, today. We can't do much more than one person at a time, although to keep supporting people like Dr. Paul, Justin Amash, and others, is obviously a must.

I encourage all of us to use humorous metaphors and winks, even, once in a while:

Also, I can't quite get to do it as often or regularly as I used to, but here's how you can sometimes sparkle curiosity... with folks who aren't even bank tellers:

Let's stand on.


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