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Comment: 1 acre won't cut it even for

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1 acre won't cut it even for

1 acre won't cut it even for food. I have done the research and I grow. 1 acre COULD do you for a year of wheat but it won't allow you for anything else. 1 acre minus the house and anything else would leave you much less. But suppose you had 1 acre to freely grow on. That would give you about enough to grow enough wheat, barley (this would be best btw because it grows denser and more nutrients) or whatever to feed your family. After that you have nothing left. You need room for legumes and other foods that give other nutrients. You need some sort of protein food... if that is beans then you need a lot of them and a lot of space. If it is chickens then you need room for them to move around in. Chickens are a good animal crop, but you can;t leave them in one space. I will agree that chickens can help a lot but you need at least 1/4 acre to maintain them properly if you are rotating their grazing. Otherwise you need to coop them and feed them and maintain their coop. And just eggs wouldn't be good.

Rabbits are a GREAT resource, but you need to feed them, feed them with your crops which means you need all the more land to feed them. Rabbits don't have much fat so you will lose some nutrition with them but they are still a good staple crop.

Again, you need to look at what you are growing, what you need to feed and where they will be housed and how many you could kill to eat on any given day and how often they breed etc. I'm telling you that 1 acre just won't cut it. 4 acres would be OK maybe. But then again you;d probably not have enough land for feeding a family for a year. But 1 acre no, that would not cut it.