Comment: I have debated several of

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I have debated several of

I have debated several of them as well, albeit in a far more civil manner than you have. You come out here attacking people with vile hatred! There is no place for that whether you are right or wrong. The things you are saying make absolutely no sense whatsoever. You are an angry fool, and yes, you were completely and UTTERLY confused. Even after like 7 posts trying to tell you I was NOT an anarchist you still insisted I was. You are the one attacking people, not me. You attacked me first because of some misconceived notions of yours. It was only by stating it in all caps on my title that you paid any attention to it at all, and you still ignore the substance of the rest. No one likes you, not even me and I agree with you. That's kind of my point. Quit being such an ass.