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Feet on ground

I always end up getting kind of lost in these rather theoretical/ideological threads.

I can't help but remarking, if that can help to save some time to either (or both) sides of the argument, that it may also be a good idea to re-ponder on the title that shows up, up above [scroll up].

"Daily Paul"

"Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America"

I have always paid attention to titles (and posting rules).

And I know that, to some extent, discussion websites are usually flexible around things that pertain to their own motto/announced design intent, relevant ontologies, etc.

However, I have the weakness to believe that, at least if one cares about not spending too much energy and to stay focused, it's likely also a good idea not to lose sight of those - titles, motto, design intent (and posting rules, of course).

In my understanding, the Daily Paul was not even meant, for instance, from his creator/owner Michael, to be solely dedicated to the messenger - Dr. Ron Paul - or whoever else is deemed the messenger to follow for action/education. Nor that it would solely be dedicated to the libertarian philosophy, or objectivism a la Ayn Rand, or what else I know.

But that's the line and tokens I try not to lose sight of:

Restoration. Constitutional government. United States of America.

So, folks...

What EXACTLY do WE want to be talking about / defending / helping the cause thereof, ON HERE?

I understood some anarchists crave about recovering many dimensions of "Liberty" shared with, say, "Libertarians", or "Constitutionalists", or etc. I got that.

But are our "endlessly" recurring (okay, maybe exaggerating a bit) ideological debates distractions the best way to serve the cause for Liberty?

I really doubt we have much time left. Time is ticking out before tyranny roots itself past the point of no return, I'm afraid.

I'm really concerned. Please refresh yourself about the boiling frog:

And then, read this:

Can anyone see where I am going? CAN, ANYONE?

Very seriously:

We ought to have drawn our ideological line in the sand for good by now, if we hope to follow up with meaningful, consistent, useful (and peaceful, preferably) action for Liberty recovery.

That's mine anyway: just in the title up above.

Is it just me?


Of something under ongoing, sustained destruction:


And give back A GOVERNMENT WORTH OF THE NAME to THE PEOPLE of the United States of America.

'HTH, &


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