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a word....

hi LL :)
Just fyi to you and all friends on DP...
I want to give personal testimony on this one,
as troubled times seem to be ahead.

5 years ago
a $6.89 pouch of 'livestock' antibiotics
absolutely saved my dog's life..
a tiny little min pin with a huge swollen lymph gland
on her neck developed literally over night.
Dr. said it was either spider bite, cancer or infected lymph node.
Any one of which could kill her.
Long story short: it was an infected lymph and she is still with me.
It worked very fast... the lethargy disappeared in 1 day,
almost immediately became 'herself' after not being able to get up.
The 'lump' in the neck took a week to finally disappear...
and one 'weird' thing... her eye
on the side opposite the lump became almost milky white when
the 'lump' appeared.... she was one sick 6.5 lb dog.
That cleared up too after about 2 weeks,
finally back to normal. :)

I have other testimony about the $6.89 pouch which I kept in the
freezer for years and used.
And still use. (when needed) to this very day.
I capsuled it with "0" gelatin caps (approx 500mg.)
I will NEVER be without this insurance...
no 'permission' needed, just walk in any feed store and buy it.
It can save lives.
Yours or your dog's.