Comment: Gene Rosens taroious acting was tough to watch

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Gene Rosens taroious acting was tough to watch

somebody needs to send pedophile/pervert Eugene Rosen money for more crisis acting lessons..where exactly IS your "wife" Gene?
do you keep her tied up in the basement? why did you keep her away from the MSM cameras during all your would guess a wife would give her husband support during such an emotional period..ey?? or maybe she's up in the attic with the cats & dogs you are "trusted" to babysit? or is she really one of the BRAND NEW stuffed animals you bought for the Sandy Hook Children's Crisis drill?[they looked great on camera btw]do 8 year olds[his grandsons age now] still play with stuffed animals? when I was 8,I was playing football,as were most 8 yr old boys..
conclusion: I don't believe Eugene has a wife otherwise we surely would have seen her in at least one of the 9 interviews he did with the MSM

randy n.