Comment: Eugene Rosen's tall,tall,TALL tale

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Eugene Rosen's tall,tall,TALL tale

lets see ..6 children were hiding in Mrs. Soto's classroom closet..they escaped & made their way to the school's exit[when the school was in total lock down..amazing accomplishment already]..the 6 children then ran across the school parking lot..a parking lot just crawling with police officers & others w/o being noticed by anyone & hailed a school bus..the bus apparently picked them up & the children demanded to be dropped off at the end of Gene Rosen's driveway..they were dropped off there,a mere 1,000 ft from the school..why would the 6 children even get on a bus? & then just dropped off 20 seconds later at the end of Rosen's driveway? where did the bus come from? the police would have seen the bus & never let it go anywhere obviously..anyway.. according to Rosen's fairytale..the 6 children then proceeded to sit down in a nice,neat semi-circle in Rosen's lawn at/by the end of the driveway..for some unknown reason the school bus driver[in one interview it was a man bus driver ,another a women bus driver] started yelling at the children,as Gene came upon them[Gene thought maybe they were cub scouts? or children rehearsing for a play? huh?]
#1 he had just finished feeding the cats..
or #2.. Gene had just come back from eating breakfast at a local diner..
or #3..Gene was was heading for the diner.
or #4 Gene was out for a morning walk [take your pick as Rosen has told all 4 versions in 9 different interviews..
Gene finds out that the supposed school bus driver knows none of the children's names on the school bus.. but..lo & behold..the good lord above was shining his light down on Gene Rosen that day because..
the bus driver's "supervisor" somehow knew all 6 children's names!
what a miracle of miracles!!
Gene then invites the 6 children inside his "SMALL" house[where exactly is Mrs. Rosen during this entire ordeal? where is the bus driver? where is the bus?
A: they vaporized into thin air,& now rest next to the Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon]..there are 4 boys & 2 girls or there are 3 boys & 3 girls.. Gene has told both versions in different one interview one little girl was frantic..frantic & out of her another interview the children were very quiet.quiet as yet another interview Gene says the children were out of their minds with fear & telling Gene over & over "we can't go back there..we can't go back there..Ms. Soto is dead ..we can't go back" Ms. Soto is dead & they talked of blood & it was awful says Gene..
one immediately wonders why Rosen never calls 911..he never calls the police either or walks down to the fire house to tell someone..anyone..he has 6 children in his house from Sandy Hook!!he only calls the children's parents from the numbers he got from the school bus drivers SUPERVISOR..when exactly did Gene get the children's names & phone #'s names from the bus drivers supervisor? he never does tell us..about 20-30 minutes later the children's parents begin arriving at Gene's SMALL house to pick up their screaming,quiet ladies face is "FROZEN" in fear when she arrives..many parents also come over to Gene's stuffed animal party to see if their children are there & one again wonders why these parents coming over to the Rosen house NEVER..EVER.. call a police officer or 911? has to wonder why not even one of the hundreds of police officers right next door at Sandy Wagged the Hook elementary & the Firehouse ever come over to pay Gene & the 6 children a little visit? & how in the L did Rosen see the list of the deceased children on afternoon of Dec 14?
when the list wasn't released till Dec 16th!!!!!!!!!!
why hasn't this old pedophile/pervert/mason been questioned by police?how much money was he paid for his atrocious acting services? & who paid him? I'd love to know the answer to that one..
so so so many problems with this guys absurd stories & his fake crying & fake emotion..he really did make me nauseous..

randy n.