Comment: Along with the video evidence, read...

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Along with the video evidence, read...

Capt. Karin DeShore
Firefighter Craig Carlsen
Assistant Fire Commissioner Stephan Gregory
Firefighter William Reynolds
Chronological Report of the WTC Radio Transmissions on 9/11/01

These are but a few of the memorandum taken by the World Trade Center Task Force shortly after 9/11. The above are just a small number of first responders who reported bombs, flashes and belts of explosions, etc. going off in the buildings.

The City of New York did not want to make this material available to the public, the City of New York was sued (the suit involved family members of 9/11 victims and others). An appeals court ordered the above released, and in 2005 this material became available to the public.

National Security Archive, an excellent source for material: