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Comment: Rand's move towards Zionism

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Rand's move towards Zionism

is a huge negative for gaining my support. He should have never gone to Israel, and stated his focus is the protection of the American Republic first, second, and last, period! He now says he will support new multi-billion dollar missle defense for Israel, but has refused to make a strong stance on closing our borders and the need to build our own defenses, that have been severely neglected to fight the Zionist Bankers contrived wars. Anybody who does any indebt research on the invention of Zionism, will find it is a Rothschild creation built by the same conspirators who created the Fed. It was Samuel Uttermeyer who found the criminal Cyrus Scofield to create the Apostate reference call the Scofield Reference Bible, where the Zionism hoax has transformed. Uttermeyer also wrote the laws for the creation of the Fed. Zionism is the biggest threat to return to a Constitutional Republic, as those who would join the fight have been lured into a statist mindset by their Judas ministry to believe the government can legislate all the ills effecting our culture. This while they focus on military interventions to protect their poor little Idoltry called Israel. It is imperative that if you know any of the lost sheep supporting the blasphemous teachings of Zionism to watch this video. Tell them their soul depends on their watching.
Also, if you want to learn about the Criminal Scofield who with other conspirator help created the Zionism hoax, here's a good overview.