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Thanks, I've heard that angle.

I tried clicking on the link.

Your link is a link to the Mises gang. There is a split among them.

I can agree to listen to the speaker, having already found on my own the principles behind half of the Austrians. I can agree to redo that path if you agree to read this:

In particular there is a part in that work where the writer speaks of a 3 sided fence: food for thought and a competitive angle of view.

The writer was an active autonomous citizen in America during that Wild Cat Banking time, or Free Banking Era, which is a very interesting time.

If you take the deal, tit for tat, comparing notes, competing in the free market of viewpoints, then I'll listen to the whole speech about coins.

If you care to know I've had run ins with the Austrians. They removed me from their Forum, by resort to lies. When I pay to go to their conferences they ignore my questions, and they lie about answering them "tomorrow", and their answers are indirect, as if creating "plausible deniability", and "limited liability", and keeping their trade secrets secreted away in patents pending.

I can elaborate in great detail on at least 4 occasions, the latest one having to do with the Liberty Conference in Reno Nevada. I paid extra to have extra access to an Economic Speaker where the lure (bait) for the higher pay was one on one discussion time with the authorities on economy, but alas it was switched with the bums rush instead.

The speaker told the audience factoids that were marginally true and demonstrably inaccurate, leaving no time for a word in edgewise in response, the bell rang, and the well wishers were ushered off into their own worlds to earn more for easy plucking.

You can turn my Political Economy sentence any which way and find an angle from which you can shoot it down, or improve it, add a word, take one out, but find fault, without resort to willful deceit, please, do your best - it is a competitive world and we have it by its tail.