Comment: Oh yes by all means pay that COMPOUNDING

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Oh yes by all means pay that COMPOUNDING

Interest on the false National DEBT, yes pay it to the owners (Rothschild mafia) of the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank. You may ask where did that private bank get so much money that they can loan it to the US goverment and charge a compounding interest and call it a national debt with IRS collections to satisfy. Where did you get the money Rothscild.

Jined up out of thin air, Digitized at no cost. Why would not the US government digitize their own money you ask? Why pay a compounding interest on a false debt you may ask?

Because the US gov is sold out, the so called gov is realy installed Rothschild mafia puppets. The debt is not about money collections its about identifying those who would not submit to extorted theft and locking them down or killing them.
In the end its about control its about one group that decided that they are so superior and so smart that the stupid submitters to the immoral extorted theft are looked down upon by the theives as debt slaves.

Enlightened disengagement is the way out, stop using their false debt system, declare yourself a free person. Disengage at your own pace but disengage.