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Time is telling

Anyone who will listen,

I've been working alone on finding out how things work in Political Economy for almost 3 decades and the Asian factor was an obvious shifting of POWER 3 decades ago.

The more I looked into this, even today, right now, each new piece of the puzzle, the more solid is the obvious shift of POWER from what your masters call The West to Asia.

It isn't "The Chinese" taking over America, no more than it is the Jews taking over Palestine.

The Legal Criminals take over, that is what they do, and they do not think in terms of what they are going to eat for lunch today when they wake up, and then having woke up they try to figure out how to get what they want for lunch. The Legal Criminals who take the most POWER and then use the stolen loot to steal more POWER think ahead in time well past lunch.

There was a "New World Order" operating in 1776, it was called, then, The World Reserve Currency Power, then, if you, yes you, wanted to use English to describe reality, or instead, if you want to use the words your Masters tell you to use then call the World Reserve Currency Power in 1776 by their False Front names, such as The King, or The British, or Red Coats, or whatever you are told to call them, when you think of them, as they, the most powerful people among us, do what they do best.

Every so often, on nearly a regular basis, the most powerful people among us, those on top of The World Reserve Currency Fraud and Extortion Racket World Wide, by any other name it works the same way, every so often, they move their base of operations.

It went from England to America after those events that are now called World War I and World War II.

After World War III, which is ongoing right now, the World Reserve Currency Power will move to Asia, if things go as they have in the past.

This TOPIC is not news.

This is how things have been done for centuries. You may just be waking up, that does not mean that reality was waiting for you.

I saw a link in this Topic from Wayne Madsen:

That one.

Some journalists still compete in the world of Legalized Crime WORLD WIDE.

It is not the Chinese (or the Jews) that are pulling the strings, but when well trained soldiers, or well brainwashed citizens, obey without question you, yes you, will get what you paid for.

The bits and pieces have been adding up for a long time now.


Check out 3 works by Sutton as such:

Where do you think all the POWER is going right now?

Here is a small measure of the power flowing:

Every earning that can possibly be stolen is flowing to the most powerful among us and that small group is funneling that power into crimes made legal that they call war, and their victims are told to obey without question.

People still think I'm nuts, but the facts remain to be facts, like it or not, and shooting the messenger, a knee jerk reaction, a brainwashed confession if you do it, does not defend Liberty, the opposite happens, in other words: you are the problem.

Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.