Comment: She voted against the debt

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She voted against the debt

She voted against the debt ceiling increase, military intervention in Libya and more foreign aid to Muslim countries. Probably the 3rd best candidate in 2012 after Ron and Johnson, but that's not saying much, considering how terrible the rest of the Republican field was.

She was very hawkish on Iran, she absolutely hates Muslims. Her stance on civil liberties has been horrific throughout her political career, even when Napolitano confronted her about it. She voted for federal stimulus. She chickened out on the Boehner vote, even though she had previously handed in a signed statement to Huelskamp that she would stand with the conservatives against Boehner.

Am I a fan? No. Would I vote for her in a presidential primary? No way. Would I reluctantly vote for her in a congressional general election over a socialist? Probably.

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