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Comment: Like Ron, Rand is using the issue against them

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Like Ron, Rand is using the issue against them

Rand knows they aren't going to default...also, they aren't going to really argue about raising the debt ceiling (when they set the spending budget a few weeks ago, they set the amount of debt to this debt ceiling argument is moot).

So instead of making enemies by arguing for defaulting or reducing the debt ceiling, he spins the issue: a bill to make them prioritize federal revenue to interest on the national debt...thus, paying off the debt faster.

Like Ron, Rand is trying to control the dialogue. Many, if not most, politicians and media folk don't like the way government is ran, but they feel they have to tow the line. So they LOVE it when someone gives them a new angle of discussion.

That's what Ron was so good at...Ron dramatically changed the rhetoric in 2008 and 2012. Rand is trying to do so now.

The focus on interest says, we have a real f'ing crisis and we need to do something to minimize debt payments.

Hopefully, some politicians and media will pick up on it.