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what are you talking about?

I did two rotations with JTF-6 almost 20 years ago. On that second trip I am telling you that I saw with my own eyes NATO troops taking part in an annual FTX, I forget the name of it but anyhow...this is nothing new.

that's my point...

and you may be confusing me with the other guy who said he was having drinks with them.

I on the other hand, have had drinks with Japanese troops up in Yakima...but that's a different story ;)

Look, not every troop movement, deployment or annual training exercise has a dark ulterior motive. Most of it routine, mundane, built into a budget, or being used to further some field grade commanders career. (as in deploying with your whole fricking battalion [at the taxpayers expense] because it looks good on paper instead of just sending a detachment to do the job)