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Comment: Like Ron, Rand gets right to the heart

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Like Ron, Rand gets right to the heart

In this case, the heart of the gun issue has always been about decent people protecting themselves from criminals.

The media rarely talks about how criminals are warded off by gun owners.

Right now, people are trying to prevent another Sandy Hook (if it really happened). Well, the solution is obvious: keep guns out of criminal and mentally incompetent hands. The shooter's mother was at fault for not doing so...period...end of story.

But the discussion about taking guns out of decent people's hands is outright counter-intuitive UNLESS you have an ulterior agenda. So Rand rightly puts the issue in the right frame of context: self-defense...against criminal humans.

And it's important to say 'humans' because it takes certain kinds of guns to stop a human trying to harm you.

Further, Rand and others need to talk about the many times that a government has turned on its people. That it is a real possibility and thus the second amendment was created.

Jews have holidays about their oppression, so they never forget.

Februray is black history they never forget.

Make March 'government turned on its people' we never forget.