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Comment: While I strongly agree one should search for partners with...

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While I strongly agree one should search for partners with...

similar interests, I would advise against setting up a formal "dating service" to do so. My long experience has shown me that face-to-face chemistry trumps any other driver for the success of a long term relationship. My advice to the unmarried, up to age 50, at least, is to visit college and university campuses, particularly those with night classes, and visit their libraries, student centers and bookstores; as there are many attractive people taking night classes well into their 40s. I met a stunningly beautiful blonde in her late 30s that way; unfortunately, I was both married and suffering from premature "male menopause," due to a medical condition. Otherwise, she made it quite clear, we would have "hooked up"; and I was in my late 50s and obese, at the time. Likewise, I met a beautiful Laotian in her late 20s while sitting in an automobile service department waiting room, with similar results. Finally, I met a gorgeous, sexy admin assistant,early 30s who worked at a different department of my former employer.

If a person finds you have similar interests, besides sex, the sex will come. Being yourself is the best guarantee of a successful relationship, either long term or for a single, blissful night. Enjoy the relationship for what it is, without concern as to whether or not it will last.

Damn! to be unmarried and randy again.