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Please believe me

The Neos have been purging conservatives for decades.. The Neos have been playing dirty tricks, involving MSM to tarnish, tar and feather, indict, slander, arrest and kill conservatives for decades.

Why do you think Ron Paul ate lunch by himself.. made no waves.. always has something nice to say about everyone, and walked a very tight rope professionally and personally?

It's NOT going to be pretty, you better believe it. But that is no reason that like Ron Paul, WE can not be pretty, because as Ron Paul said, "You can not stop an idea that's time has come." OUR TIME HAS COME. It is not fear, doubt, or hate that will prevail but LOVE.. rEVOLution. That is who we are.

You KNOW you're on the right team destined to win.. so chin up and embrace this good fight with love in your heart and humor in your soul.