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All politicians play politics with everything

I'd agree. All politicians play politics with everything. However, I think Rand would be a very good stepping stone in convincing future politicians and people to move towards respecting the Constitution and living within it, as hard as that might be. Even the founding fathers, shortly after signing the constitution and becoming politicians, began trying to unravel it. To make politicians swear to uphold the constitution is pointless; it seems like as soon as a person becomes a politician, they no longer have the mentality of a citizen. It's the people that should swear to MAKE the politicians uphold the Constitution. The majority of voters are so ignorant today, when a politician screws up and does unconstitutional things, no one cares; because so few (the people) respect the Constitution anymore. It's ok though. History repeats itself, and the masses will be reminded eventually.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.