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What is an "earth" sound? What does the earth sound like? And if the sound was "from the sky", then it is a sky sound. The title of the post ads unwarranted speculation and intrigue. Furthermore, with the age of news and internet, sinkholes are reported more, so you see them on the news or youtube more than you would have in the 1990's or earlier (same with natural disasters). That doesn't mean they are more frequent, just more frequently viewed. As for the sounds, as I said in my last post, they are likely very mundane (sawing metal, engine test, etc) and because they are mundane, you would expect those sorts of things to happen around the world. With the lower price of video camera and more access to internet, it's easier for someone to record the sound that they don't recognize, and put it online for all to hear. So now, even though these sinkholes and sounds have been common for decades, people think they are multiplying and suddenly they are "all around the world".

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