Comment: Response I just received from my state senator

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Response I just received from my state senator

Multiple bills going through CT including magazine capacity, requiring liability insurance, a 50 % sales tax on ammunition, a ban on assault weapons and the list goes on. Here is the response I got.

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your recent communication concerning gun control legislation. As you can imagine, there is a great deal of legislation being submitted here in Hartford to deal with various aspects of gun abuse including expansion of gun permits, number labeling of bullets, restrictions on gun use, and application of mental health examinations and services. Some legislators, to the contrary, do not support any change in current law. I am approaching this issue with as much substantive information as I can obtain including conversations with police officers and a training session at the gun range of the State Police. I am also researching the experience of other states and countries with respect to gun use and controls.

While I am a supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms, I believe that the culture of violence and gun use in our country has gotten out of control. My own focus, as State Senator, will be on legislation limiting the legal capacity of guns to fire multiple rounds through gun magazines and clips which now carry 10, 20 and up to 50 bullets which can be fired by automatic and semi-automatic guns in a very short time. Those kinds of guns, which I have personally examined, are unnecessary to our civilian lives, either to our self-defense or to those who are hunters. I would make an exception for gun clubs provided that the multiple round magazines and clips are both registered with the State Police and maintained only at the gun club under strict security conditions.

This will be an interesting dialogue in the months ahead, and I certainly invite you to stay tuned and to advise me of your further thoughts.

Ed Meyer
State Senator

These are the people we are up against. This is a state senator actually implying there are automatic weapons in the hands of civilians. And I love the part where he looks at other countries to see how they handle it.
If anybody has any well thought out points to use before I respond, please feel free to let me know.