Comment: Has Hell Frozen....

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Has Hell Frozen....

...over yet? Are pigs briskly winging their way across the blue sky?

The GOP establishment is a part of the single Globalist-Collectivist Party.

Does anyone really believe that the the establishments single Globalist-Collectivist Party will allow it's Republican 'right-wing' to be co-opted, really?

Some people seem to have an innate inability to see and grasp this simple fact.

The 'party' will NOT continence being taken over by any 'liberty philosophy' or allow a 'liberty slate' of actions. They will allow a few low-level 'liberty' functionaries to exist which will provide the illusion that changing the cabal is possible, thus assuring that the slack-jawed, slope-headed, drooling 'party-faithful' will still come back to the fold when all is said and done...ala Bush the Elder, Bob Dole, GW 'Puffy' Bush, Johnny McPuke and Der Mittens.

After all, 'our turd is better than their turd', dontcha know...or so the paradigm of the 'lesser turd' goes.

And so the seemingly inevitable slide to totalitarianism continues...