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Did you read the article?

The author does not even mention Iceland in the article.

It seems from your comments that you endorse the propping up of a broken system until it comes crashing down around us. Rand would do much better for liberty to just vote no on raising the debt ceiling and give a speech condemning the current system. The system is so beyond broken. It cannot be reformed and made to work and even if it could, it is immoral.

Are you arguing that stealing is morally acceptable. Taxation is theft. Inflation is theft. He woulde do much more for the cause of liberty to spend his time arguing in favor of competition in money. It would be nice to have a working system in place when the dollar loses it's reserve status and our financial system comes crashing down.

I agree with the author, why would you want to aid a coercive force with their contiued destruction of liberty.

Rand is 100 times better than most politicians. But these cute little bills accomplish nothing. We need bold, radical ideas. Unless you are happy continuing with the status quo.