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You're right, I was in the wrong spot.

However, since you seem to understand some of this.... Generation by generation, they lull us into complacency. How do you think the WW2 Vets would have felt about German soldiers, not only on our soil but armed, using our military infrastructure to train... They would think we were nuts. Well, that is ancient history to most of us, but to a shadow government that plans in increments, has the patience to outlast the memories of one lifespan...
One day they will send in young men who think war is a video game, and our soldiers will be so used to seeing foreign troops in their installations that they will be sitting ducks.
Or maybe I am wrong, and we are really well on our way to global utopia where the Chinese Army lays down arms with the Marines and we all do a happy dance around the globe.
Read all my replies here, this is so much deeper than most realize.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.