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Too rational

From the other side...
No, abortion should not be "legal" as that lets the government set a precedent of making medical decisions. Do you really want the government ORDERING you to have an abortion? Because we are nearing an age of "designer babies" where you will get to choose to abort any fetus that does not have the genetic profile you choose. But how far a bridge, to where the doctors and governments decide which traits are to be culled? You don't think it can happen? It already is, incrementally. That is how they do everything, incrementally. Do you know how Roe V Wade got passed? They allowed a black market for abortions to maime young women so often and so vilely, that people demanded an end to the back alley abortions. What we got was legal abortions. Then we got abortions being used as birth control.

Any way, I seldom get that far before being written off as a loony pro-lifer.

The answer to abortions is NOT in the government.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.