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Hey everyone

thanks so much for commenting! My goal wasn't to promote one person over another. Rather to have exactly what happened happen: people discuss key issues they have for or against a particular person.

The reason is because politics can be about momentum. The liberty supporters Ron Paul has galvanized are becoming a strong force impacting politics. If Ron Paul isn't running for president then his political leadership will be somewhat diminished. If we, for the most part, coalesce around a liberty candidate now, by 2016 they will probably have a LOT of clout, whether deserved or not.

So my goal is giving people something to think about regarding ALL possible choices. Even if it's only to show we can't agree unless it's Ron Paul, which is something to think about, or show Rand Paul he doesn't get a blank check of support simply because of his father.

I also thank people for having a thick skin! Politics can be emotional.