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You ain't the only one

I've kinda been tracking "libertarian communes" for a while and I'm not aware of a single success. CATASTROPHIC FAILURE is the norm. I'm talking some major serious train wrecks, no need to mention any names.

I myself seem to be pretty well suited to commune because to me it's simply a replication of tribe. I have no needs for "privacy", all I require is a certain amount of SOLUTUDE each and ever day. And all I really need for that is an outhouse. Or a curtain. Or a sign above my head saying OUT TO LUNCH.

Gregarious I think is a term for what I am. And I am purposefully tolerant of children. Not that I don't incorporate aspects of stern discipline. "All of the people are ours" is a code I am imprinted with and the oath I took. But it's a very different kind of ownership. There's a word for it.

A better word right now is "forgive" and let it start with you. "Libertarian isn't a recipe for life, it's a recipe for freedom". Ideologically we aren't suited to get along and our primary means of intellectual advancement is debate and basically that's all we are. Intellectuals with a highly nuanced and syntactically cohesive ideology. Putting this into practice is always somewhat remote from us, WE'RE IDEALISTS IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED and we have a tough enough time living up to our own standards let alone anybody else.

The hippes we abhor have terrific success rates at this. So I guess that's a whole other level of consideration. What if our ideology is logically correct but it happens to make us miserable?

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.