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At hand is discussion once again. I think it is akin to circling dragons. The concept is also illustrated by creative imagination.

Now 3 people standing at a cross road in the dark. The ways we all traveled to reach this point are the same path in the sense that it is the past and none of us can go back the same way. Time is a monopoly, dumping all of us here in the present and forcing all of us on the same path into the future. But 3 are assembled currently at a junction point in reality, and the point can be illustrated figuratively. Each arrived from a different path, a competitive one, each will move on a different path, relative to this point.

Which is the more powerful path?

Each can resort to deception upon the other, consuming each measure of power that can be consumed from the other.

Threats and violence figuratively speaking.

Draining the will to survive as an individual, and in turn, or in harmony draining the will to perpetuate the species.

On one path ahead the road sign says leap blinding into nirvana, and it adds that the act must be executed immediately or failure is certain.

My perspective offers an alternative translation of the sign, and a more accurate measure of what happens on that path.

I think that it may be a good idea to begin counting upon each other, doing so accurately, so as to reach a goal by a specific date in the future, and on that day we are ready, and we do as we say we will do on the day, because we do as we say we will do as we approach that day, and on that day we stop aiding and abetting the criminals who took over the so called Federal government.

In unison, we say, now, no more of it, but not until fair warning has been given, generously, and hazardously, to those unwilling to stop being criminals, on our dimes, and so hazarding the announcement, we begin to hold each other to account, counting up our numbers, and when our numbers are accounted for, we then realize our power, and we then exert our power, on that day in the future.

End the FED (do so competitively by having competitive money ready and in use by a specific date in the future)
End the IRS (do so competitively by having competitive government, city, county, state, whatever, a Despotism Insurance Policy, bonding claims made on the criminals with badges, whatever works, work it out, have it in use by the day we will work out of crime made legal)
Bring the Troops Home (do so competitively, be one of the troops, give yourself license, hire yourself to defend yourself, and stop joining, and stop sending your kids, to the criminals who then abuse the power they steal by fraud, by threats, and by violence that includes legalized torture and legalized serial killing or mass murder)

The question of what is ideal money is specific in the sense of having the best money in your wallet, but it is specific also in the sense of having the best information in your memory, money is currency, it is information, it is power, or it is not money.