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Thanks Michael

It's true that in some ways I believe Rand should get closer scrutiny on some issues, as after all he is representing the "liberty" movement in a very purposeful way.

Many of Rand's moves may be good for him politically, but do they properly represent liberty?

When they do , we praise him. Heck if you just scroll down our site a little bit you'll see an article praising Rand's bill to fight Obama's Executive Orders on guns.

But he should not be shield from criticism, and in many ways should be held to a higher standard. No. I'm not shocked when Lindsey Graham supports sanctions against Iran so I don't feel the need to point it out.

When Rand Paul does I do, as he is representing the "liberty" movement, and it concerns me that things like sanctions on Iran and "paying off public debt" are being associated with "liberty".

Good politics? Maybe.

But liberty? No way.
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