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God bank

The bank temple idea has gained currency and I can't be held to account for that fact, I'm just reporting it, and I do not sign onto, or believe it.

How does the lie go, how does the lie read, how does the lie work, exactly?

Banks are temples of God.

No, Joe, no one says that, you are mistaken.

Yes, naysayer, it is a true lie.



Where is the ref?

Where is the judge when you need one?

Ok, how about this angle:

Guy is sent out to get some food for the family. Buys the food at the food store and feeds the family, they all die.

The family is dead.

Come to find out that everyone buying food at that food store dies as soon as they eat the food at that food store.

Is it a food store?

Under closer scrutiny there is a partition dividing the front of the "food store" with the back of that same building. Go down the street, make two left turns, and you are at the front of the other half of the "food store".

Funeral Parlor

Business is booming.