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And I am right there with you regarding my visitations to this site. Dr. Paul and what I learned over the past year at the DP inspired me to do more locally and help foster a culture of a responsible use of public funds at my state government position. People around me have taken notice and are looking at things differently, more seriously considering the source of the money, and caring more about how it is used. Since the election ended, almost nothing written here at the DP has inspired me, and many of the people whose opinions I respected have abandoned it.

Fight the open conspiracy and get directly involved in your community. Keep fighting to end the Fed. Politely debate those around you the negative effects of foreign incursions. The DP became an important force during the election cycle, and other media outlets took notice. These issues were heard by many more people and certainly woke many of them up. One look at the DP today, and most would click away as fast as possible.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.