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I really don't know if it is used for nefarious purpose or not, but, in light of what I do know about our corrupted government, I wouldn’t put anything past them.

No one can deny the weather changes that have been experienced on the earth in the last few decades. If they are indeed experimenting with weather control all strange weather phenomenon are suspect, up to the global warming. If they are playing with this stuff, they have NO idea what chaos they could cause, and aren’t likely concerned by it either.

There is an accord to ban weather control weapons of war. Would there need to be a ban on a technology that was absolutely nonexistent?

Here is one person’s timeline for weather control technology

Here is another “conspiracy” for you.

The gun grab is just another step in the furtherance of that program.

The truth is, all these so called "conspiracy's" are a direct attack on liberty, and should be exposed for what they are.

While I agree that sometimes things get a little goofy, and people sometimes get off and running with little or no evidence, based only their own fears, I believe that classifying legitimate questioning as "conspiracy" though, is dangerous, and the "go to" move for the MSM and the "transparent" government. In a truly transparent government, all questions could be easily answered. The harder it is to get an answer, the more it smacks of cover up.

To allay a true questioner, why not try to answer their questions, even if they seem ridiculous?

When a child asks, “why is the sky blue?” the answer “because it is” is wholly unsatisfying.

Just open the box and see