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lol thanks for the award!

Every state is different - and I wrote this for my state, and my county specifically. I would say my eyes are wide open. The PARTY does not do anything - the people within it do. If we fill the slots of leadership, WE become the party. The largest group of people who are still trying to do the right thing within the existing political structure are Republicans. Therefore, I will work with what I have.

There are some other options. Third party - yet Oklahoma has serious ballot access issues, so that would be a major undertaking. I am a Republican, and have written about why in the past. I will take back my party. Even if I wished to go third party, that is a larger hurdle than the task I have before me.

I could quit, and go live in the hills or move out of the country. Many are doing this. I considered it, very seriously. I choose to stay and fight. I will fight peacefully, within the bounds of law - since violent uprising would only play into the hands of statists everywhere.

Good luck, in however you have chosen to fight for freedom, unless you choose not to fight at all.