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Comment: "Thought police"? no, not so

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"Thought police"? no, not so

"Thought police"? no, not so much.

More of a no-nonsense, why the fuck is there off topic stuff dominating the feed?

I,and many others, come here to learn more and try to contribute to spreading the Liberty message, not be forced to sift through the diatribes of bull shit that dominate this place now.

Atleast Oct-Nov,we had spirited debates with GJ trolls, but atleast it was still about Liberty. I'd rather go back to that than try to find a decent post about Liberty, but some people here seem to be a liberal...all entitled to being able to post all the malarkey about things that have nothing to do with "DEDICATED TO RESTORING CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"

"If you find fault with this site and yet, refuse to constructively help through addition, subtraction, or criticism, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution."

Isnt this post doing exactly that?? Finding a fault, offering criticism, and exposing the bull shit that needs to walk?

Free thought about aliens, false flags, sink holes, ssris, etc....belong in off topic...or websites more geared to those items.

Here is one...look at the front page and the top pots/new posts area and compare it to this site:

That is my free thinking.