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The Persistent Myth...

A few on Daily Paul are adamant and tireless in pointing back to some idyllic time when Daily Paul was seemingly free of pesky conspiracy theorists, delusional paranoiacs that instantly believe any claim that someone or something is out to get them, and other assorted fear merchants and fear mongers. Ironically, they claim that these "nuts" are a mix of psychologically and emotionally unbalanced persons, and people and organizations engaged in a CONSPIRACY to make Ron Paul and the Daily Paul look bad and that they are DESTROYING the liberty movement. [oh dear! :*( ]

Following are some FACTS for your consideration:

1) Whether one chooses to believe or acknowledge it or not, it was Alex Jones' radio show and his companion websites and that launched Ron Paul 2008 and got it off the ground. Ron Paul's 2008 campaign support base had a very large, if not dominant, contingent of anti-new world order/illuminati/bilderberg conspiracy theorists and 9/11 truthers. And this was reflected in user contributions to Daily Paul's forums.

2) Here is an interesting forum post on Daily Paul from 2008 titled "Where do you get your news?":

Notice the DOMINANCE of people saying they get their news from sites like,,,, etc. etc.. Those sites are the leading CONSPIRACY THEORY websites!

3) There was this guy that used to get a LOT of attention here on Daily Paul. He used to rail against the new world order, the north american union, the UN takeover of American sovereignty and how the UN was conspiring to take our guns and private property. He made many videos and penned many articles over several decades discussing these issues. Some of those videos and articles were made for those conspiracy wackos over at John Birch Society. This troublemakers initials are --> RP.

The idea that Daily Paul was once more pure and innocent and free of those crazy conspiracy theorists (who are secretly trying to destroy the liberty movement!!!!) is just a myth not based in history or reality.

Libertarian small-govt type folk have a natural affinity for and tendency to question Govt actions and current events with great suspicion. These people will NOT go away. You cannot make them go away. They will always be here.

And they do not share your timidity and lack of self-esteem as they go about investigating and questioning events and spreading the message of liberty. Perhaps you guys should just get over it. Fabricating myths isn't helpful. They deal with lies and smokescreening all the time and such a weak myth is not going to phase them one bit.

Besides, recent research shows that a majority of Americans believe in conspiracy theories. Especially republicans. Stop demonizing your fellow compatriots in the struggle for liberty! It is only causing division and outsiders are not as frail and stupid and fearful of reality as you make them out to be.

Ask your physician if medical marijuana may be right for you... :)

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