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You've lost me MarcMadness

I don't collect people, nor do I fancy being collected.. do you mean you don't understand what I am saying?

Are there people on DP who support Rand Paul? Whether it is blind support, in your opinion or not, can you admit that there are people here who have made the decision that Rand Paul is the best the GOP has to offer as president to date, and they are learning from Rand, and bringing Rand's political stands to their committees and educating them? Are you opposed to people learning from Rand's politcal moves and educating their committees?

Do you respect them? Or do you feel that, blind support is unrespectable, and thereby it's ok for you to issue contrary opinion (food for fodder), that they witness as an attack, because to you, (who are better than them, because you do not engage in "blind support"?), can call it discussion.. and continue to disrespect their position?

You made your contrary opinion of Rand, and when you received intelligent response, you protest. Is that because you do not like Rand or the GOP, and this is what's more inportant to you than any debate, for (You can tell who doesn't like Rand, but you can't tell them much")?

I am not part of any so called Liberty Movement. I do not have a good opinion of the so called Liberty Movement. I do not make top posts on my opinions about the Liberty Movement because I respect the fact there are many people here who think the Liberty Movement is worthy. I would not bait them, and call it a disscussion KNOWING, I have no respect for the Liberty Movement, but rather, I tolerate it. I respect the indiviuals, not the collective.

I am learning from Rand, as I had to learn from Ron Paul. I did NOT agree with Ron Paul 100% when I decided to toss my energy behind Ron Paul's shot for president in 07/08. I had a lot of reading, studying, and I had questions.. but I also had HOPE. Ron Paul cured my apathy.

I am sure I am not alone in those who Rand has shocked and awed. He continues to make me think and study. He takes a learning curve and I want to learn. I am very open to discussing what Rand does.

Innitially, I did not appreciate his endorsing Romney. How could he? It took awhile, but I owe Rand, and so does Ron, because what Rand did was wake up delegates like me, that the GOP would purge us for breaking our loyalty oaths. I was thinking I could be like Ron Paul and vote for who I wanted, how I wanted. But Rand woke me up.. Do I actually think a party that has lied, cheated, stolen is going to respect the privacy of my vote, when I must sign the envelope? I'm elected, so my ballot goes to the county clerk who knows me. How hard is it to not look at my vote? How much could they have been paid to look? Did I want to vote for Romney? No. Did Rand? I doubt it. But once one has an elected posiiton, the name of the game becomes staying IN.. and while that has created many problems.. it is not staying out that resolves the problem.

So for those of us who followed Ron Paul into the GOP, took seats, offices.. Rand is the senior GOP of our rEVOLution. He is our leader, and I surely appreciate discussion; However, I do not appreciate contrary questions with an objective to create doubt, rather than educate.

Those of us in the GOP rEVOLution have a candidate: RAND PAUL.

Those in the Liberty Movement have no party, no candidate, and tons of doubt, apathy, excuses, and lame responses to keep the powers that be in contriol, by "waiting and watching". That's what vultures do.

I judge them by their actions.. Rand is fighting for our liberty and while you may not appreciate it.. you also have nothing to offer.. no candidate we can discuss.

I surely look foreward to the day you have that candidate.. and if it's Republican wearing a Libertarian Party pin.. you've already lost, IMO.

So let us educate each other in discussion rather than find ways to be contrary for the sake of sowing seeds of apathy, doubt and hurting those we don't respect. Let us tolerate each other with HOPE.