Comment: I just can't do facebook

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I just can't do facebook

I tried a couple times, and felt like it was an incredible barrier to meaningful communication. I had a few "long lost friends" appear, "friend" me and then never say a word to me. They post and post and post, and I write notes. How have you been? Pictures of their cat, their car, some forwarded joke... never a reply. It was like talking to a wall, and watching a highlight reel from someone else's life. It took the concept of "friend" and made it cheap, meaningless, a number on a page that gets you bragging rights and ad offers.
I like youtube. I can put my ideas out, and when people are ready to hear them, they can find me. And, I don't have to repeat myself ever again, I put on tape the first time. I did a rinky-dink aquaponics video that just sort of sat there at a couple hundred views for months, and I quit paying attention. One day I was linking it to something else and it had nearly 40,000 views. I guess folks are ready to learn about AP. On facebook, I'd have to start a new system every 10 minutes to keep the concept on the front page.

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