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Hahahahah I was hoping people


I was hoping people would also see the "/rant"

I am just frustrated with the bologna that's on here lately.

We are supposed to be better than the msm, not the opposite.

They talk about assault rifles, we talk about ssris. They talk about lone gun man, we talk about false flag.

I think this site got used to the struggle of the political system and equated it to the struggle for liberty. There was nothing we could've done to stop Obama. Ron Paul would've been blocked as he did somehow but we have their attention now.

We cannot expect the sheep to respond positively to our message if we remain perceived as crazy unkle ron followers.

I think there should be a folder for "conspiracy". Like off topic, election, 2nd amendment, etc...

And the ability to block said folders. I would be willing to donate for such a feature.