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My facebook account

is deactivated right now because I am writing. I did the same at the beginning of last year, but when we got close to the election I decided to jump back on and challenge the various left and right supportive posts of my friends. To reply to their posts, and not have someone jump down your throat,one has to have a gift of language that our schools don't really teach us. One must "pre-suppose" the answers before challenging the others thought process because you know their other friends are going to chime in on what you write too (like minds think alike, especially if they are democrats who now feel more empowered to speak out than ever).

Yes, I agree that facebook is dividing us more. But I also believe a little enlightenment can be shared if handled with the right prose. Using the socratic method of asking questions is one good way to do this.

I spent 10 years studying via Kenrick Cleveland, a different type of NLP than what Tony Robbins teaches. It has helped me in my being able to converse with those who attack the other side with right or left talking points they learned from the pundits at FOX or MSNBC.

My last post before disappearing from facebook (again) was;

It’s Bush’s Fault, No Wait, It’s Obama’s Fault

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