Comment: Since November?

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Since November?

From the beginning, DP entertained us with conspiracy theory and fact. Just look at the Forums.

What happened before Novemeber was the owner of this site had a falling out with Ron Paul's campaign. There were never any details to my knowledge, but it became more divided politcally than any conspiracy topic post dared attempt innocently or by design, and remains divided among those who were in the GOP, and followed Ron Paul into the GOP to become delegates, take seats, chairs, offices, and those who HATE THE GOP and are sorely dissappointed in anyone that went GOP, especially those who stayed true to their oaths and stayed in the GOP DESPITE Romney, DESPITE THE lying, cheating, broken bones and stolen nomination.

Some of us are actively changing our local GOPs, and others continue to do whatever they can to attack, in the name of discussion.

The DP, has at this point TOLERATED those who remained in the rEVOLution, and has done it's best to RESPECT, support, promote and elevate those who claim to be Liberty Movement.

We have many fence sitters.. wait and seers, who are hoping the Liberty Movement will produce a candidate. Meanwhile, they attack Rand, or applaud him meekly, but their hearts are not in it, and some have promised their hearts never will be.

In the end, the losers will always find a market for worms.