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I am so tired and frustrated

I am so tired and frustrated with the parroted talking point that equates any criticism of Obama with racism, that I actually handle this accusation a little differently these days. You are dealing with a programmed response, triggered not by thought or reason, but by any critical examination of President Obama as our highest elected public official. To the accusation, I just calmly agree, trying my best not to be the least bit sarcastic.

"Yes, I'm racist. That's why I don't like Obama. It has absolutely nothing to do with his signing the NDAA into law, the end of habeas corpus (which really has been a nuisance and menace to freedom and justice in society since the days of the Magna Carta). It has nothing to do with the killer drones in the skies, the illegal wars, or his kill list (including American citizens). It's not because he's dismantling our Bill of Rights one Amendment at a time. It has nothing to do with any of these things. I'm a racist."

I know it's not politically correct, and it's certainly not true, but what does reality and truth have to do with anything? For sure, if you say this with a straight face it is so far out of their programming, most have no idea how to even respond to this.