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Maybe I didn't explain myself

Maybe I didn't explain myself well, so sorry. But I never said machine guns aren't being made or can't be made. Current manufactured fully automatics are for government use only, that is of course not banned.

But like I said machine guns manufactured 1986 and earlier, can be bought and sold by civilians. Any fully automatic (or machine gun) made after 1986, is banned. And is not transferable to any civilian. It is federal law by the Firearm Owners Protection Act. There are no exceptions. And if you have the money to get get a pre-ban fully auto gun, you must get a Class III license and pay for a $200 tax stamp.

Also, it depends what you mean by "making", but if you hear about a civilian "making" a fully-automatic AR-15. They are referencing that they bought an AR-15 Lower Assembly with fully automatic capabilities that has a manufacture date of 1986 or earlier. The lower assembly is what the ATF considers the gun. Once you have that part, you can use modern day parts to build the rest of the weapon around it if you want. Because of supply/demand, the lower assembly part would cost about $15,000. If a civilian were to purchase an AR-15 lower assembly made after 1986, that is illegal and the ATF would love to meet that person.