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That's too easy

"But if the NSA hasn't already cracked it they aren't doing their jobs."

Their job is to try and crack it but that doesn't mean they have and there are two forms of encryption.. Symmetric and Asymmetric. Asymmetric being more secure and more "random".

Here's the thing.. I remember seeing a news-feed about 20 years ago of congress openly debating the issue of encryption and how they or some of them anyway, would need a backdoor/master key and require it to be written into any encryption. Now, I don't know if that passed or not because I haven't heard anything about it since and I even tried to look it up and no story on it. Of course this was before the internet REALLY took off as a place to search for news.

Who knows.. even when using it though, I'm careful about what I say and I have safeguards in place all along the way to protect myself. I also do my on dis-info as part of that too. If "they" can utilize it, I can too. :)

BTW.. Here's a discussion on the topic if you're interested. There is a very valid point on one of the comments. People would have found backdoor/master keys if they were there and most likely would have come out to report on the weakness. I still don't trust it though because I can imagine how they'd do it and possibly get away with it.. besides.. I'd rather be a free paranoid than a wrong detainee.

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