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Comment: Yes. Sandwitched between StarTrek & UFO @ Washington Monument

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Yes. Sandwitched between StarTrek & UFO @ Washington Monument

Please enjoy your news programming today. This triple decker is:

  • StarTrek... Reptilians and Greys were removed from the planet
  • UN Quadrillions off ledger
  • UFO @ Washington Monument
  • Xray Body Scanners moved phased out of Airports [to a theatre near you]
  • Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

Is is live? Or is it Memorex? ® 31 second film reel, circa 1982. Memorex VHS Tape Ad from 1982 - Is It Live Or Is It Memorex?

Please enjoy this adventure. Hard to keep government books on ledger, let alone off ledger. International faith based organizations funded by governments are preposterously difficult to being to account.
My posts are sourced by the United States Government & associated governmental agencies operating under the color or United States law (The Fed & their Boyz).

Enjoy the theatre as it was meant to be seen. Then take appropriate action about the harm done.

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