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I'll be completely honest.I

I'll be completely honest.

I find it to be particularly tragic that the DP is turning into the nexus for the most bullcrap internet bullcrap on the internet.

I found the OP's argument to be a rehash of the same exact argument used every single fricken time someone doesn't believe in a conspiracy theory.

I don't care about down votes on this site anymore because only the dumb shit wins here.

I believe the CIA and Johnson killed Kennedy.

You guys have a very hard time separating out events and relevant information. Also, you're playing on words. Known events to have been conducted by the CIA don't fall into the 'conspiracy theory' camp. Crap like lizard men, hollow earth and egypt pyramid healing waves are the easy ones to laugh at. However, you're theories are also very plausible... Sandy Hook could have been an inside job. It wasn't though, at least you haven't shown me any good reason to think it was. This crap is crazy theory. The only cause of the theory is that you have a bias that you need to confirm with a theory and data too.

I don't know what else to say. I'm also just intrigued by you guys so I post on your threads even though I think you're nuts. I find most of you to be brilliant and cocky and young and you think you've got it all figured out because you have a storyline that makes sense. The evil elitez did it all.

You know what the problem is with that? If you had it figured out, you'd be the only one. The truth, the real world, is too complex to understand.