Comment: No one's interested in this? ..... LOL

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No one's interested in this? ..... LOL

I should have started a thread on something that would have REALLY knocked everyone's freedom socks off, like:

" Rand Paul caught on camera eating a hot dog at the ballpark "


" Chinese economist say earth will end in 2088 "


" Cosmic Rays in Sector Seven "


" 31 Ways to use Mason Jars in the Kitchen "

You know, things that REALLY make a difference and get gov't off your backs.

I mean who gives a chit about an Asst. Attorney General claiming his Sovereign Immunity under the 11th Amendment, right?

I'm surrounded by idiots who can't see a Gold coin, even if the Gold coin is sitting in the palm of their hand.

Me: Look, it's a Gold Coin worth $2,000.00 and I want you to have it! What are you going to do with all that money?

DP: " What, this old thing? ... Here you go; you can have it back, we only collect Silver Dollars".

It's sad that threads like this just disappear down the hole, and threads on Cosmic Rays or Grandma's Favorite Cookies end up on the homepage with 2,000 up votes in less than a minute.


This thread should be getting National Attention; should be sent to all freedom organisations and gun rights activist who believe gov't has no authority over their lives.

But Freedom doesn't taste near as good as Cosmic Rays in Sector Seven and Grandma's Frozen Yogurt Pudding, now does it?

More work to do.