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Comment: Don't get upset

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Don't get upset

You put a lot of info in this thread and there are probably more people like me reading it who are doing searches on all the cases you mentioned and reading through them, and reading the links, etc etc
For someone like me, it takes a lot of time to comprehend all this stuff. Relax. Just because we don't comment doesn't mean we're not reading and digesting it all. I appreciate all the work you put into your posts and enjoy reading your comments on other posts, also. But if I don't reply it's because I'm still trying to digest all this stuff. I'd be a fool to try to make cogent commentaries on something I don't really understand yet.

But I do have one question: will any of this matter once America collapses? I mean, knowing what they did to subvert and pervert our founding principles and laws is an absolute must for the 'know history or repeat it' aspect, but actually knowing what our founding principles and laws are may be a more pressing need so that after the fall we can restore those things, no? In all honesty, there's a bunch of so-called Americans who don't even know what the 2nd Amendment is for.
Just don't be discouraged. We need people like you who are the warriors for justice.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison