Comment: You people want to put our so called "government" back in

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You people want to put our so called "government" back in

it's tiny little box? Do you really? ... Here's how you do it:

Call your Secretary of States Office tomorrow and get instructions on how to rescind your Voter Registration Signature from Their System.

This removes their presumption that you are one of their own internal employees. Now they have nothing to enter into the court record as Exhibit A stating you've volunteered yourself to be governed by their internal statutes.

Next: The next time any local/state/federal gov't agency contacts you for taxes, permits, anything .... ask them this in a Registered Mail letter:

"What's the One Document you have in your possession that would contractually obligate me to abide by your internal statutes and tax codes, and obligate me to do it for free - without pay, and without a benefits package of my own?"

If they aren't paying, we shouldn't be playing.

It's a foreign corporation doing business on American Soil, just like the Toyota Corporation. If they want you to abide by internal statutes and codes, then they need to start writing some big checks and doling out some very nice benefits packages.

Once this message gets out to the masses, and everyone starts demanding these jokers cough up an employment contract that obligates them to abide by their internal statutes (ie: US Code Title 1 - Title 50), and demands some pay and benefits, you'll see what's currently known as the UNITED STATES INC. decline in size and scope so rapidly, the human eye couldn't keep up with the speed of it's collapse.

This is how you put our so called gov't back in it's box; this is how you stop the war funding; this is how you shut down the IRS; this is how you shut down the police state.

All of a sudden it won't be near as fun to Play Government anymore, when the funds dry up. They'll take their foreign corporation back to Rome where it belongs and we can once again re-inhabit our True Republic.